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The Royal Hague Cricket & Football Association, in short Kon. In qualifying for the 2016 European Football Championship, all 54 of the UEFA member countries played for 23 places in the final round. In this meeting the foundations were laid for a Dutch republic under the 'leadership' of the House of Orange. This rope factory, founded in 1545, was until 2013 the oldest existing family business in the Netherlands. Between 1931 and 1936 there was a bus service. In 1936 the Waag was thoroughly restored. From 1855 to 1936, Oudewater had a train station in Papekop on the Utrecht – Rotterdam railway line, which ran through the municipality. In 1936 the station and the tram line were closed. Earlier, from 1883 to 1907, Oudewater was connected to Gouda by tram through the tram line Gouda – Oudewater. After that, Deportivo steamed on with ten wins in the league and one draw, so that after matchday 25 it was the proud leader with 54 points and a five-point lead over Celta de Vigo. However, unlike Deportivo, replica jersey Celta has never won a major prize.

On July 19, 1572, Oudewater participated with eleven other cities in the First Free States Assembly in Dordrecht. In July 2013 it was announced that Rudi García would become the new coach of AS Roma. The Roma (and Balkan Egyptians and Ashkali) live all over the country, but some of the largest communities are found in the Pejë, Gjakovë, Obiliq and Kosovo Polje regions. A few months later, Milan conquered the World Cup for clubs for the first time, but Trapattoni did not play in both the first and second leg against Estudiantes. Both France and Bulgaria quickly fell behind, the Frenchman Christophe Dugarry benefited from a mistake by goalkeeper Bogdan Stelea and the Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov got free passage from the Romanian defense. France won 3-1 and Bulgaria had to hope that Spain would not beat Romania. No goals were scored in extra time, so it came down to penalties. In 1989, the former municipalities of Snelrewaard and part of Willeskop were added to the municipality.

In addition to the city of Oudewater, the municipality of Oudewater includes the former municipalities of Hoenkoop, Snelrewaard and part of Willeskop. The part of the municipality south of this river is located in the Lopikerwaard. The drama Razza selvaggia (1980) showed how a young worker from southern Italy in Turin gives up his job to help run a seedy nightclub and eventually succumbs to the dangers of the big city. The following season, the club from Turin returned to Serie A. After an interim period in which Giancarlo Corradini led the team, Claudio Ranieri took over the role of Deschamps. The club later moved to Sportpark Het Noorden, where it shared the sports park with the football clubs VV Groningen, VVK and VV Potetos. Because the merged club also decides to play on Saturdays, the club takes the place of OVS Oudewater, which played in the Fourth Division on Saturday in the 2015/16 season, in the Fourth Division. Oudewater, Snelrewaard, Hekendorp, Hoenkoop and Papekop. The Reformed cemetery Oudewater, of which the entrance gate and the mausoleum have the status of a national monument. The city center has largely been declared a protected cityscape and has 95 municipal monuments and 127 national monuments. Football is accessible to everyone, but for a large group of Dutch people the way to the local football club is less easy to find.

The largest group of name bearers of the name Boere in the Netherlands lives in Oudewater. In 2007, 104 persons bore this name. Since the establishment of Elsevier Weekblad in 1945, readers and others have shortened the name to EW. The Waag, which has served as a witch weigh house since the 16th century. On Saturday, the US team's four-man bob won the gold medal for the first time since 1948. Hemp was used as raw material for the production of the rope. This rope was used, among other things, for the ships of the Dutch East India Company. In the semi-finals they led 2-0 against Hannover 96, but handed it over and lost. The only player to miss his penalty was David Trezeguet, the man who had scored the "Golden Goal" against Italy in the Euro 2000 final six years earlier. The matches against Eibar (2-1) and Betis (0-0) ensure a promising start. The latter means a small move for the members of OVS, because both clubs already played at "Sportpark Markveld".

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