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The highest final result in the Eredivisie was eighth place in 1997. De Graafschap has a rich history in both the Eredivisie and the Eerste Divisie. When De Graafschap plays in the Eredivisie, the stadium is well filled and often sold out. The rivalry with Go Ahead Eagles has existed for quite some time and is partly because promotion or relegation is often at stake in confrontations. The hinterland of the club, the Achterhoek and part of the Liemers, is known for its rural area and agricultural culture. De Graafschap is known for its fanatical supporters at the Spinnekop. Lazio is the club of the province of Lazio and has supporters in the northern suburbs. The following two seasons the club finished last. Although De Graafschap supporters see Vitesse more as a rival than the other way around, these duels are always fraught: two fanatical groups of supporters face each other and matches in which both sides fight are the rule rather than the exception. The necessary money for this has largely been brought together by the supporters themselves through various fundraising campaigns, collections and auctions. The four teams that finished 13th, namely RJS Heppignies-Lambusart-Fleurus, R. Léopold Uccle FC, KVV Verbroedering Maasmechelen and RCSJ de Grivegnée are paired together and play a preliminary round.

The team from Arnhem has been playing in yellow and black since 1907, with the argument that Vitesse could join the best clubs in Gelderland and they are based in the Gelderland capital, where to buy soccer jerseys which would also give them the right to wear the colors of Gelderland. In addition, it is a clash of the self-confident appearance of the Gelderland capital against the rural mentality of the Achterhoek. The same also applies to the other Gelderland Derby against NEC. The matches between these clubs are also called the Derby of the East. Nijmegen. The confrontations between the two supporters groups lead to charged matches. The duel can be seen as a battle between city and countryside. In the public perception, it is a clash between the graceful and elegant football of Vitesse and the fighting spirit and passion of De Graafschap. In the division of divisions, De Graafschap ended up in the Eerste Divisie. In 2018, The Joker became an unofficial mascot after he had been present several times at supporters' atmosphere actions during the play-off games. In 2009 De Graafschap still sold the most season tickets of the Eerste Divisie, during the match De Graafschap – Go Ahead Eagles in 2012 only 5000 spectators were present.

In Austria it became 0-3, in Spain 4-0. As a result, the Madrilenians were already certain of a group win after four match days. The best-known group is the Brigata Tifosi (BT03), a group of fanatical supporters founded in 2003. The BT has made a name for itself in recent years with many large-scale campaigns at home and away. Over the years, a number of players and trainers have developed into a club icon of De Graafschap. In early 2016, the Parliament of the Balearic Islands supported a non-binding motion to ban bullfighting, after which a petition of more than 150,000 citizens was presented to Parliament for a binding motion. They then stop moving and use as little oxygen as possible. You can choose to show your name and photo, you can choose to show only your name and you can choose to shield; then your name and photo will not be shown, you cannot be found and you cannot become Player of the Match. The term Superboeren not only refers to the group of players, but also to De Graafschap's supporters. Sometime in the mid-1990s, an unknown supporter in the stands coined the term Superboeren, which is now used as a nickname.

It was relegated to the Second Division twice in the sixties, but came back again. In the Kitchen Champion Division this has changed in recent years. In 1991, 2007 and 2010 the club became champion in the First Division. The matches against the team from Deventer are also regarded as top matches in the Eerste Divisie. Just like the first team, the youth of De Graafschap train and play matches at Sportcomplex de Bezelhorst. In addition to the first team, De Graafschap also has a football academy, housed in the Stichting Talenten Academie Achterhoek. At home games of De Graafschap, two songs always return: the Opkomsttune and the Goaltune. Final responsibility for the day-to-day management of De Graafschap rests with the chairman, i.e. general manager, this position is vacant. This knockout tournament started on August 6, 2005 and ended on Thursday, May 11, 2006 with the second final match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan under referee Domenico Messina.

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